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Women's Boxing Glove The Checkmate

Women’s Boxing Glove The Checkmate

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The perfect boxing glove for women and girls come check out the new checkmate boxing glove super cute and tough made from real leather to last for years to the toughest punches. Women’s Boxing Glove The Checkmate made with real leather for comfort and quality but sized to fit a women’s hand. The Women’s Boxing Glove The Checkmate come in 3 different weights 10 oz, 12 oz, and 14 oz. Ladies tired of shopping for boxing gloves and only finding stuff for men? Fighter girls caters to women only so look good and feel great with these perfect fitting gloves. The hook n loop velcro closure is fast and easy instead of the lace style gloves.

Women’s Boxing Glove The Checkmate

Perfect for women and girls

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  • Women’s Boxing Glove The Checkmate

Shopping for the best boxing gloves for females is fun and easy because Fighter girls brand caters for women and girls. Shop the perfect fitting female boxing glove.

Step Into the Ring: Women’s Boxing Glove The Checkmate

Go for the win with women’s MMA gear and boxing equipment. Step into the ring for your training with gloves designed to fit a woman’s hand.

Excellent construction is essential in women’s boxing apparel. Choose options crafted with premium leather and fill for durability while training. Internally, boxing gloves should securely position and protect your thumb and knuckles.

Antimicrobial fabrication in women’s MMA gloves prevents irritation and the growth of odor-causing bacteria. For added comfort, look for designs with a mesh palm area to provide ventilation and proper air circulation. Gloves with a full wrist strap provide support and a custom-like fit.

New women’s kickboxing gloves help ramp up your workout routine. Whether your training involves heavy bag or mitt workout, quality-constructed gloves provide both protection and comfort. Open fingers and mesh inserts deliver exceptional breathability.

Women’s boxing gloves are available in classic reds and blacks and more feminine pinks and whites. Shop all pink, black, green, blue,  boxing gloves and find the best gear from brands you trust.

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Train & Spar Like a Pro

With boxing gear for women from Fighter girls Sporting Goods, you’ll have the right equipment to best your opponent. Whether you’re into MMA for the heart-pumping cardio workout or thirst for glory in the ring, you’ll find the right equipment makes an enormous difference. Top-quality pads can take a beating and hold their shape and firmness. Compression tights support your muscles for better blood flow and recovery.

Train with premium equipment and prepare to taste victory with MMA gear from this amazing collection. For the kids interested in Boxing & MMA, shop kid’s boxing gloves and equipment to find everything they’ll need to succeed.

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Women\'s Boxing Glove The Checkmate

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Weight 2.50 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in

10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz


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When it comes to the best women's boxing gloves Fighter girls brand has cornered the market because we only manufacture clothing and gear for women. No more having to purchase boxing gloves that are made for men hands and will be to big. These women's boxing gloves come in 3 different weights 10 ounce, 12 ounce and 14 ounce for those that are looking for the proper weight for sparring, or fighting. Made with a real soft leather these gloves will stand up to the toughest punches and look and feel great! come by and shop the biggest and best selection of women's boxing gloves on sale at Fighter girls store! When shopping for boxing gloves for females you should always find a glove made for female hands! This is really important to prevent hand injury during sparring or punching a bag! Always remember that a loose boxing glove is bad and if you do decide to purchase a men’s glove you will have to use a longer hand wrap to take up the slack and get that proper fit! Fighter girls entire store is made for females our gloves both boxing and MMA are made for female hands that are smaller than men’s. In our boxing gloves we made the foam mold smaller for a tight fit and also our gloves are cute and tough made from real leather to prevent cracking or falling apart like synthetic boxing gloves. Guys really don’t care what their boxing or MMA gloves look like but we are women and girls we want great looking gloves that are made for females. Ladies please always wear tight fitting gloves while training we take for granted how important our hands are and trust me we use them for about everything we do in life! Fight like a girl at the Fighter girls store! Happy punching ladies!

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