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Worlds First Original Women’s MMA Website

FighterGirls.com was founded on May 6, 2001 by Debi Purcell, a professional Mixed Martial Artist and pioneer for the sport of Women’s MMA. Female Fighting had been slow to start and finding a place amongst the male warriors and earning their respect was a huge undertaking and challenge. Thanks to many people,women have come a long way and you will find us fighting right along side the men in our rightful place..

World First Original Women’s MMA Website

You are encouraged to look through the site and not only educate yourself on the sport of MMA, but to see that the females are doing their part, to help the sport evolve. FighterGirls.com was originally created to help the women of the sport network with each other and to offer a place for the promoters to find female fighters. This site is dedicated to the female warriors, whether their sport is Women’s MMA, Women’s Boxing, Women’s Kickboxing, Women’s Grappling, or Women’s Wrestling, all deserve respect and acknowledgment & have a part to play in the evolution of mixed martial arts. To the ladies we thank you for stepping up and going after the dream. SUCCESS at last!

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World First Original Women's MMA Website

World First Original Women’s MMA Website

World First Original Women's MMA Website

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World First Original Women’s MMA Website

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The history and the beginning of Fighter girls started back in 2001 the first and original women’s MMA martial arts website and store! This website was made for a few reasons first to promote women’s MMA the fighters and the fans! Most big sites back in 2001 did not want you to post about female fighters and if you did most of the members always had something negative to say about female MMA. Fighter girls is the home for women fighters and fans to share their stories post on our forum news, interviews, and thoughts about the women of MMA. This was long before we had all the fun social media like twitter Facebook and MySpace was just new to the public. Fighter girls became the first and original female MMA site in the world! Many top name fighters would come and share stories and talk with their fans! The great thing about Fighter girls and still is that there is no popups or advertisement. Fighter girls always wanted a clean website that the fighters and fans would enjoy visiting! We also have a fight finder were the female fighters in many different martial arts can post their bio for a social media can you ever have enough social media? I don’t think so! The forum is still in its original state we did have to clear up some old bad links but since 2001 Fighter girls still goes strong making the worlds best martial arts clothing and gear for females both women and girls shop the store that is made by women for women! So ladies fight like a girl at the Fighter girls store! I hope you enjoy the History of women’s MMA and the fighters and fans that made MMA history! With our support and voices these women now are on the largest MMA card the UFC. You can read about many different fight promotions that had females on their cards and their down fall! Read the struggles and the drama as these female fighters not only fought in a cage but also on our forum really awesome and with 50,000 posts I am sure you will be reading for days, weeks, months! So if you are a fan, fighter, or want to read the history behind women’s MMA come by and see Fighter girls the worlds first and original women’s MMA website, forum, and clothing line!

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