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Fighter Girls Black Elastic Hand Wraps

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Women’s Hand wraps black for boxing and martial arts

Fighter Girls Black Elastic Hand Wraps Made of durable black cotton with just the right amount of elastic woven in. This hand wrap is fighter girls tough while offering amazing comfort, stretch, and flexibility. Dyed the coolest color of Black, this wrap looks and feels GREAT. A generous amount of velcro makes for the ultimate fit and will guarantee it stays put. The signature F-G face makes a sweet boxing statement. super cute hand wraps.

Female Hand wraps Now in 2 lengths 120 and 180

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Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in

1 review for Fighter Girls Black Elastic Hand Wraps

  1. Anonymous

    Great Hand wraps

    Posted by punkin5595 on 3rd Aug 2012

    This was my first set of hand wraps and I love them! I just wish they would have included a How to Properly Put Your Hand Wraps on for Dummies 101 Instruction Booklet. Slowly and I do me very slowly getting the hang of it thanks to the assistance of one of the girls in my Kickboxing class. 🙂

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The fighter girls brand hand wraps are perfect for females that want a great pair of hand wraps for the female hands! These hand wraps come in several colors and lengths 120” and 180” Fighter girls offers the different lengths because some women still buy boxing gloves for men and need that extra wraps to ensure a good tight fight while punching and sparring. Loose fitting gloves causing bruising or a fracture while hitting the heavy bag causes most hand injuries! Ladies always remember to make sure all your gloves both boxing and MMA fit snug to keep your hands from injuries! For those that have the question what size wraps should I buy? I know it takes longer to use the 180” wraps and sometimes it’s a pain to have to wrap your hands for a long time but trust me if you already have your favorite boxing gloves and they fit loose with the 120” wrap where your hand moves around you will need to go to the 180” hand wrap! Snug fitting gloves are the right way ladies so fight like a girl with the fighter girls products that are made for females and cute haha So ladies fight like a girl in the Fighter girls brand hand wraps made for women cute and tough for all you martial arts needs!

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