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Women’s Black MMA gloves by Fighter Girls are made with the finest quality soft and durable black leather, sized to fit female hands perfectly. The design is very similar to the original UFC gloves and is fingerless with no thumb area. The gloves also have velcro wrist closure. These gloves have been tried and proven to be the BEST female MMA gloves in the world. Available in size Small not only are these gloves the perfect fit but they are absolutely adorable in white, they also have the red heart logo. They will easily become your favorite women’s MMA glove.

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9 reviews for Women’s MMA Gloves Black

  1. Anonymous

    perfect fit

    Posted by regina on 16th May 2012

    these gloves are the best real leather and a perfect fit on my hands

  2. Anonymous

    Finally, women’s gloves!

    Posted by Karren on 1st Jul 2012

    Im so glad to finally find a glove that’s made for women but that actually works. I’ve shopped around, bought, and returned a few small sized gloves I’ve purchased because it was not a good fit/bulky/painful. I’ve been disappointed with previous experiences until I got these and I’m happy. I’ve tested them out punching on focus mitts and it doesnt chafe and rub on my knuckles unlike my other gloves! Thank you fighter girls:)

  3. Anonymous

    The BEST MMA girl gloves I’ve found ever!

    Posted by Suzanne Brown on 14th Aug 2012

    I love the fit and all the different colors!

  4. Anonymous

    I love my gloves!!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Sep 2013

    Having worn these gloves now twice a week for almost 3 months during my BodyCombat classes, I feel I can give them a 5 star rating.

    The gloves are made well, fit well and feel good on. They also look really good on!! I air dry them after each use so the only smell on them is the wonderful leather smell.

    At first, I was leery about the price but now feel these gloves are quite worth it.

  5. Anonymous

    Very Nice!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2014

    I purchased these gloves for my Kisado class. We don’t spend a lot of time on the bag but when we do, I always managed to bruise and scrape my knuckles. I have worn these gloves for three classes so far and they have really worked great. They are pretty stiff initially but are breaking-in rather quickly. I am definitely able to hit harder now and without any scraping or bruising. Very happy with these and thrilled to have found a place catering to women.

  6. Anonymous


    Posted by Unknown on 4th Sep 2014

    The gloves fit a lot better than I expected and really supported my little wrists.

  7. Anonymous

    Good gloves

    Posted by Jamie on 5th Sep 2014

    These gloves fit fairly well for me. They still seem a touch too big for my hand, I didn’t think I had a petite hand but maybe I do. I am 5 foot nothing 120 pounds if that helps anyone out there who’s trying to decide on these gloves. My pinkie finger isn’t able to close all the way when I ball up my fist, so it’s slightly uncomfortable, I’m hoping that the more I break them in the more flexible that part of the glove will be for my last finger. Otherwise I like them a lot.

  8. Jody (verified owner)

    Finally a pair of gloves that fit! I’ve been using these on a heavy bag during my kick boxing classes for the past month and a half or so, about 4 times a week. They fit great, you can tell they are not just a mens size small. They only thing I will say is that if I have a particularly intense work out I will get some knuckle bruising and need to switch to bag gloves the next day. Also, since they are not completely broken in yet, I can’t entirely close my fist and have been grazing my 1st two knuckles, but am taping them. The gloves get better with every use. I’m going to try their boxing gloves next!

  9. Isabella Diane Yates

    I started MMA when I was 13. I’m currently 15 and will have my 1st bout in 1 week. We get to wear whatever gloves we want for the bout and I am wearing these. My bout will be against a 13 yr old girl.

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