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The Kutting Weight Suit was born out of , creator Dustin Kahursky’s passion for wrestling and the desire to make the required weight class of 174lbs. With the use of the Kutting Weight suit, you no
longer have to use uncomfortable sauna suits to lose water weight. The Kutting Weight suit is durable, flexible and allows more of your skin to breathe. The Kutting Weight suit keeps your core heated up so you can effectively lose water weight and burn more calories, whether youre using the suit for
weight loss in a competitive sport, or just want to change up your current fitness routine.The Kutting Weight suit is the most advanced product for water weight loss in the fitness industry.

The Kutting Weight suit helps you to achieve your goals of shedding those hard to lose extra pounds and improving your overall mental and physical fitness. It has been designed to wear during Bootcamp, Running, Hiking, Lifting Weights, Wrestling, Boxing, Ju-jitsu, Snowboarding and every other type of exercise you can think of.The Kutting Weight suit is designed to wear under your clothes, so no one will even know youre cutting weight. The suits will fit on Males and Females, they are in one piece, and are made of Neoprene that is guaranteed to last!

It is important to note that although the suits are made of neoprene, it is a stretch neoprene that is not suitable for aquatic work. The suit features a velcro covered zipper, to reduce zipper dropping. Durable flat lock seams reduce chaffing and increase durablility. The inside neck has a printed size and care lable for increased comfort.

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Weight 1.50 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in


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    Ellis Keri

    Posted by MalikJeffrey on 21st Oct 2011

    Really great suit

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