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FighterGirls.com was founded on May 6, 2001 by Debi Purcell, a professional Mixed Martial Artist and pioneer for the sport of Women’s MMA. Female Fighting had been slow to start and finding a place amongst the male warriors and earning their respect was a huge undertaking and challenge. Thanks to many people,women have come a long way and you will find us fighting right along side the men in our rightful place.. You are encouraged to look through the site and not only educate yourself on the sport of MMA, but to see that the females are doing their part, to help the sport evolve. FighterGirls.com was originally created to help the women of the sport network with each other and to offer a place for the promoters to find female fighters. This site is dedicated to the female warriors, whether their sport is Women’s MMA, Women’s Boxing, Women’s Kickboxing, Women’s Grappling, or Women’s Wrestling, all deserve respect and acknowledgment & have a part to play in the evolution of mixed martial arts. To the ladies we thank you for stepping up and going after the dream. SUCCESS at last!

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The first and original women’s MMA website and store bringing you great stories, interviews and news since 2001. This historical website is dedicated to female MMA and martial arts. Come read the struggles these women went through to help build women’s MMA to what it is today! Read interviews and posts from the forum about current and past fights. The Fighter girls website has always been a free place for fighters and fans to connect and talk about women’s MMA! Comments and questions on the site are always welcome! Find the best women’s clothing and gear in our on line store made specifically for women and girls Shorts, shirts, and gloves with over 400 products I am sure this will be your one stop fight shop!

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